Salt & Light Global is an academic and humanitarian ministry equipping Christians to engage the culture for the glory of God.



Working with communities around the world, Salt & Light Global seeks solutions informed by Truth, promotes good governance under the rule of law, and preserves the blessings of liberty, especially the unalienable freedom of the faithful to share the Gospel and make disciples for Christ. The foundation for our work is the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus calls His people to be salt and light in the world. Salt preserves, while light illuminates. We desire to see nations transformed as their communities intentionally, strategically, and prayerfully preserve and shine Truth for God’s glory. To accomplish this goal, we educate and equip Christians to engage the culture via citizen statesmanship and selfless service.
Salt & Light Global believes our faith should inform every aspect of our lives, including the ways in which we structure our communities. Yet, our communities increasingly forsake the social order God created and suffer the consequences. Salt & Light Global believes that communities can be restored to health; they can thrive. However, to achieve cultural transformation, Salt & Light Global recognizes that a proper understanding of the spheres of societal authority, and the First Principles that govern them, must be restored within the universal Church and society at large. Through its Wilberforce Academy, Salt & Light Global offers a range of educational programs designed to equip citizens to defend and implement God’s original design for society.
Salt & Light Global seeks to do more than educate the Church about First Principles and the social order. We desire to see each Christ follower apply Biblical teaching to their families, businesses, churches, and communities. Salt & Light Global provides avenues for its audience to engage the culture. These avenues include practical ideas for redeeming the various social spheres, as well as opportunities for serving alone or in conjunction with other ministries. Salt & Light Global knows that when believers fully integrate First Principles into their lives, nations are transformed.