Our Passion

The Sovereign LORD has filled me with his Spirit. He has chosen me and sent me to bring good news to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to announce release to captives and freedom to those in prison. He has sent me to proclaim that the time has come when the LORD will save his people and defeat their enemies. He has sent me to comfort all who mourn, to give to those who mourn in Zion joy and gladness instead of grief, a song of praise instead of sorrow. They will be like trees that the LORD himself has planted. They will all do what is right, and God will be praised for what he has done. – Isaiah 61:1-3

Brokenness fills our world.

Struggling individuals, dissolving families, failing businesses, and fighting governments all represent a form of brokenness. Everywhere, justice and truth stumble in the streets, and people perish.[1] All the while, a blanket of darkness continues to spread across the nations, bringing with it confusion, chaos, and pain.

The situation demands our attention. Yet even when the Holy Spirit burdens us with the charge to bind up the brokenhearted,[2] we still find ourselves asking the question: What can I do? Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the problem lying before us, we often stop before we start, deciding that one person, one family, one church, or one community cannot make a difference.

Salt & Light Global believes the opposite. We believe that one person, one family, one church, and one community can indeed make a difference, so long as they look to the Holy Trinity for strength and to the Word for guidance.[3] We believe that there is hope in Jesus Christ[4] and that the abundant life He promised is still obtainable.[5] We believe that each person who professes Jesus Christ as Lord is commissioned to disciple nations[6] and cast out darkness.[7]

Our beliefs demand action.

Therefore, Salt & Light Global seeks to rebuild nations and cultures one person, one family, one church, and one community at a time by obeying the command to be salt and light in the world.[8]

To fulfill its vision for cultural transformation and renewal, Salt & Light Global recognizes that a proper understanding of the spheres of societal authority, and the First Principles that govern them, must be restored within the universal Church and society at large. Specifically, the Church must realize the implications of allowing the State to take control of areas beyond its God-established jurisdiction. As such, Salt & Light Global seeks to instill within the Christian community a correct understanding of and a respect for the following First Principles:

Through its educational programs held by the Wilberforce Academy, Salt & Light Global seeks to develop an audience equipped to defend these First Principles.

Through its initiatives at the Nehemiah League, Salt & Light Global seeks to provide avenues for its audience to engage in rebuilding their own communities through selfless service.

People will stumble in the darkness. Societies will perish when not actively preserved. Yet we at Salt & Light Global are confident that when the Body of Christ relies on the wisdom of God’s Word and the strength of the Holy Spirit to intentionally preserve and shine truth in the world, we will see nations transformed, darkness cast out, and the brokenhearted healed. Will you join us?

Be Salt, Preserve Truth. Be Light, Shine Truth.

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