Nehemiah League

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

Salt & Light Global implements its vision through the Wilberforce Academy and the Nehemiah League. The programs of the Academy and League work in tandem to inspire individuals to engage in rebuilding their own communities through selfless service for the dual purpose of transforming law, policy, and governance and of helping communities thrive.

As the engagement arm of Salt & Light Global, the League provides a number of opportunities for individuals to actively implement First Principles in their lives and communities. At present, the League’s key programs include:

The Foundation

Interceding in prayer on behalf of our communities and nations

Salt & Light Global knows that the first level of engagement is prayer. To facilitate individual and corporate intercession, Salt & Light Global distributes weekly prayer requests outlining specific needs that impact upon First Principles, especially in the realm of law, policy, and good governance.


– Monitoring Key International, Diplomatic, and Domestic Actions that Threaten First Principles

The Sentinel program monitors and disseminates public information concerning international, diplomatic, and domestic threats to the rule of law and unalienable life and liberty interests. The information provided empowers citizen statesmen to hold policy-makers and government officials accountable.

Academic Council

Connecting Distinguished Academic Scholars and Policy Experts  

Salt & Light Global develops relationships with academic scholars and policy experts from around the world. The network of these individuals forms the Academic Council – a group that aids Salt & Light Global in strategically defending First Principles by independently researching, writing, teaching, and speaking through a Judeo-Christian Worldview.

John 17 Project

Uniting the Church to Better Serve our Communities

Salt & Light Global actively promotes cooperation with other groups, ministries, corporations, etc. that seek to uphold the truth of God’s Word in our society. The John 17 Project strives to build unity and synergy within the Body of Christ by intentionally networking the Salt & Light Global audience with various organizations.


– Converting Ideas into Action

Personal virtue precedes institutional integrity. Discussions upholding First Principles must be framed within a context of individual responsibility. A citizen has an obligation to govern himself according to timeless moral truths before he can expect or demand the State, the business community, or any other institution to do so. In order to create a culture that respects the rule of law and inalienable rights of life and liberty, an individual must embrace and implement First Principles into his own life (e.g., into his character, work, relationships, service) – a task that must be undertaken in conjunction with private worship, devotion, and Bible study.

Once a person begins to implement First Principles into his own life, he is well-positioned to become a bricklayer. A bricklayer is an individual who intentionally seeks to further the timeless moral truths of Scripture by upholding their application throughout society. The means by which a bricklayer upholds these truths may vary; however, the goal remains the same – to create a thriving community that is God-honoring and marked by freedom, goodness, and responsibility.

Salt & Light Global recognizes that in order for its educational programs to be effective and impacting, it must provide avenues for its audience to utilize the skills they learn. Therefore, Salt & Light Global provides its audience with the following:

  • A Practical Application aspect to each Salt & Light Global program that demonstrates how individuals can apply the lessons they are learning to their personal and professional lives.
  • Opportunities for Christians to independently serve their communities, especially those in need (e.g., widows, orphans, the persecuted, the homeless, the hungry, etc.). These opportunities may be provided by other Christian organizations and ministries within the Salt & Light Global network.
  • Information and opportunities necessary for Christians to independently engage the cultural worldviews of the day, especially in the realm of law, policy, and governance. Opportunities may include: drafting proposed language for U.N. instruments; intervening in international/ diplomatic forums on behalf of the persecuted; educating the public by providing expert non-partisan testimony at hearings; and submitting comments on proposed government actions.
  • Connections to religious liberty litigation organizations for the purpose of independently and voluntarily assisting in their trial and appellate litigation efforts. These connections are provided in special circumstances only (generally upon invitation from the organization) and require that the audience member have a certain degree of training and experience.


Rebuilding Nations One Community at a Time

Brick-by-Brick is a consulting service Salt & Light Global offers to any community interested in rebuilding its cultural walls on the foundation of First Principles.